Ipe Clip Fasteners

Price: $96.00

Ipe Clip® Fasteners - Hardwood Decking Fastening Systems

The original line of Ipe Clip® deck fasteners are Made in the USA and are crafted to work with air-dried hardwoods and/or composite decking.

Made form plastic and reinforced with fiberglass, each Ipe Clip® hidden deck fastener system includes:

  • 175 - Decking fasteners for air-dried materials
  • 190 - Star Drive Screws (#8/2", 305 Grade)
    • 12 - 3/8" Tapered wood deck plugs
    • 1 - 1/8" High speed drill bit
    • 1 - Screw gun driver bit
    • 1 - Instruction sheet

    Color options include gray, brown, and black.

    *The tall clips are for 5/4 thick material and the short clips are for 1x or 1x6 +Plus

    Ipe Clip® - Black

    Ipe Clip® - Brown

    Ipe Clip® - Gray

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