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cumaru deck When you install Cumaru, you're building with one of the strongest hardwood decking materials available.

With a Janka hardness rating of 3540, a Cumaru deck will last for decades and need very little maintenance. You'll also save money and time because Cumaru has the natural ability to resist termites, decay, & mold.

Each sustainably harvested and eco-friendly Cumaru deck board is resilient enough to withstand harsh temperatures and heavy use.

A full array of profiles are available including Standard (E4E/S4S), Pregrooved, & Tongue & Groove.

When you order, you will be buying premium grade Cumaru decking at prices not found anywhere else. Not only can you start building the best deck in your neighborhood, but you’ll be excited to know it cost much less than you expected.

Feel free to browse through the many profiles and sizes that are available.

If you have a special custom order, or questions before you buy Cumaru call us today 1-877-232-3915.