Zebrawood Lumber

Zebrawood Lumber

Botanical Name: Microberlinia Brazzavillensis

Zebra wood is an African hardwood that epitomes the word exotic. WIth distinctive striping, woodworkers have used this exotic hardwood in plenty of high end applications. From conference tables, to exotic furniture.

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Description: Heartwood is a golden-yellow with dark brown to black streaks. Quartered surfaces have a zebra-stripe appearance. Grain is interlocked or wavy and produces alternating hard and soft grained material. Texture is coarse with a lustrous surface.
Other Names: Zebra Wood, African zebrawood, Allen ele, Zebrano, Zingana, Amouk
Origin: Africa
Working Properties: Easily workable with hand and machine tools. Alternating grain structure makes achieving a good machine finish difficult. Gluing is satisfactory with care. Finishes well when filled.
Mechanical Properties: Low to medium bending strength (13900 psi) and crushing strength (7750 psi). Used primarily for decorative purposes where strength and mechanical properties are unimportant.
Janka Hardness: 1575

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