Tulipwood Lumber

Tulipwood Lumber

Botanical Name: Dalbergia Frutescens

Brazilian aka South American Tulipwood is used primarily by wood turners to create brush backs, fancy wood ware, cabinets, jewelry boxes, marquetry and inlay work, marimba keys and other decorative items.

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Description: Heartwood is a gorgeous pinkish yellow with a pronounced striped figure in varying shades of salmon pink, and rose-red to violet, It has a fragrant scent. The grain varies from straight to irregular with a moderately fine texture.
Other Names: Pau Rosa, Pau De Fuso, Pinkwood, Bois De Rose, Jacaranda Rosar
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Tulip wood is very hard to work with and severely blunts cutters. Planing the irregular grain requires a reduced cutting angle of 20 degrees. A very high natural finish can be obtained. It will plane and sand smoothly. smoothly. Pre-drilling is necessary when nailing. Glues well, and takes an excellent polish.
Mechanical Properties: For the purposes this wood is used its strength properties are of secondary importance. The timber is usually sold in small logs or billets. It is a decorative timber and fairly wasteful in conversion.
Janka Hardness: 2500

All hardwood lumber is sold by the board foot. A minimum order of 100 board feet for online orders is required. All orders will be fulfilled with random length and width boards. Do you need custom sized boards? Please call 1-877-232-3915