Santos Rosewood

Santos Rosewood Lumber

Botanical Name: Myroxylon Balsamum

Santos Mahogany wood is used to create many fine items including furniture, cabinetry, and even custom made doors. When you work with this exotic hardwood, you will create pieces you'll want to showcase.

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Description: Heartwood offers a wide range of colors from light orange/brown with yellowish overtones to a dark reddish/purplish brown. Ribbon-like pattern is due to interlocked grain.
Other Names: Balsamo, Palo de Balsamo, Cabriziva, Cedro chino, Chirraca, Estoraque, Incienso, Nabal, Sandalo, Tache, Tolu
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Somewhat difficult to work with a high blunting effect on cutters. Pre-drilling is required when using nails and screws. Sharp tools and fresh sandpaper are necessary for finishing premium surfaces. Can be finished smoothly with a high natural polish.
Mechanical Properties: High bending (21861 psi) and crushing (11855 psi) strength.
Janka Hardness: 2200

All hardwood lumber is sold by the board foot. A minimum order of 100 board feet for online orders is required. All orders will be fulfilled with random length and width boards. Do you need custom sized boards? Please call 1-877-232-3915