Lacewood Lumber

Lacewood Lumber

Botanical Name: Roopola Brasillensis

This South American Lacewood is not to be confused with the European version (Plane). With its remarkable figure, Brazilian lacewood is used to create some distinct pieces of furniture, ornamental inlay and other decorative items. Excellent for turning fancy goods.

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Description: Heartwood is pink to reddish brown. Highly figured with a distinct small lacelike pattern that give it the "Leopard Wood" moniker. Straight grained with a texture that is fine to medium.
Other Names: Louro Faia, Leopardwood
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Works well with hand and machine tools. Tends to bind in saws and has a moderate blunting effect on cutters. Glues well. Stains and polishes to an excellent finish.
Mechanical Properties: Medium strength characteristics in most categories. An excellent steam bending wood due to low stiffness.
Janka Hardness: 840

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