Macassar Ebony

Macassar Ebony Lumber

Macassar Ebony Lumber

Botanical Name: Diospyrus Celebica

Macassar Ebony grows in countries which line the Indian Ocean. This far reaching exotic hardwood is great for turning and is used to create beautiful walking sticks, decorative inlay, musical instruments, billiard cues.

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Description: Heartwood color ranges from dark brown to black with greyish-brown, yellow-brown or pale brown streaks. Straight grained with some areas showing irregular or wavy patterns. Fine and even texture.
Other Names: Indian Ebony, Coromandel, Tendu, Temru, Timbruni, Tunki
Origin: From Madagascar to the Philippines
Working Properties: Difficult to work with hand or power tools with a severe blunting of cutting edges. Pre-drilling is required for nailing. Gluing is difficult. Takes an excellent finish.
Mechanical Properties: A very heavy, dense, and hard wood. Heartwood tends to be brittle, and this species is used mostly for decorative purposes, where strength properties are of minor importance.
Janka Hardness: 3250

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