Gabon Ebony

Gaboon Ebony Lumber

Gaboon Ebony Lumber

Botanical Name: Diospyrus Crassiflora

Gaboon ebony is extremely dense and durable. It is used primarily to create wonderful pieces of cutlery handles, door knobs, pool cues, piano and organ keys, violin, guitar finger boards, and decorative inlay.

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Description: This exotic hardwood offers a very dark, practically black heartwood. It is very dense and hard wood with grain that is straight to slightly interlocked. Texture is very fine.
Other Names: Cameroon Ebony, Nigerian Ebony, etc (name linked to African country of origin)
Origin: Africa
Working Properties: Difficult to work with hand or power tools with a severe blunting effect on cutters. A reduced angle of 20 degrees is required whenever irregular grain is present. Pre-drilling is required for nailing and screwing. Takes glue well, and it can be polished to an excellent finish.
Mechanical Properties: Very good steam bending characteristics. Very high bending and crushing strength, with high stiffness and resistance to shock loads.
Janka Hardness: 3220

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