Yellowheart Lumber

Yellowheart Lumber

Botanical Name: Euxylophora Paraensis

Yellowheart wood lives up to its name and is very lustrous. Craftsmen turn this Brazilian hardwood into beautiful pieces of furniture, inlay, marquetry.

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Description: Heartwood is bright yellow in color throughout the wood. Fine straight grain. Medium texture with straight to irregular grain. High luster without distinct odor or taste.
Other Names: Yellow heart, Satinwood, Brazilian Satinwood, Amarello, Limao rana, Pau amarello, Pau setim, Pequia setim, Pau Amarelo
Origin: Brazil
Working Properties: Easily workable by hand or machine with a slight blunting effect on cutters. Pre-drilling is required for nails. Portions of interlocked grain can be difficult to carve.
Mechanical Properties: Good bending strength (16200 psi) with decent crushing strength (9050 psi).
Janka Hardness: 1820

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