Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar Lumber

Spanish Cedar Lumber

Botanical Name: Cedrela Odorata

Woodworkers prefer to use Spanish Cedar wood for cigar humidor interiors. You can also use Spanish Cedar to create fine furniture, cabinets, and boat interiors.

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Description: Freshly cut heartwood is pale pinkish-brown and darkens to red or dark reddish-brown. Sapwood is a pinkish-beige. Straight grained and sometimes interlocked. Moderately coarse texture.
Other Names: Acajou, Ceder, Cedre Rouge, South American Cedar, Brazilian cedar, British Guiana cedar, British Honduras cedar, Cedar, Cedre rouge, Cedro, Cedro oloroso, Cedro red, Central American cedar, Cigar box cedar, Epi, Guyana cedar, Honduras cedar, Jamaican cedar, Kapere, Mexican cedar
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Works easily with hand and power tools. Woolliness can be avoided with sharp cutting tools. Presence of gum makes staining and polishing somewhat difficult. A good finish is obtainable with suitable filling. Holds nails and screws well and glues satisfactorily.
Mechanical Properties: Low bending strength (8545 psi) and crushing strength (4389 psi). Medium steam bending characteristics. The wood is strong in relation to its weight.
Janka Hardness: 600

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