Jatoba Lumber

Jatoba Lumber

Botanical Name: Hymenaea Courbaril

Jatoba is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods we sell. For good reason, too. This very beautiful exotic hardwood is great for carving and is turned into some truly exceptional pieces of furniture. This is also a great hardwood for high-end cabinets, sporting goods, and flooring.

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Description: Heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks. It has a golden luster. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture.
Other Names: Brazilian Cherry, Jutaby, West Indian Locust, Copal, Guapinal
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Due to strength and density, Jatoba wood is somewhat difficult to work with and has a moderate blunting effect on cutters. Pre-drilling is recommended for nails and screws.
Mechanical Properties: High shock resistance and very good bending (21020 psi) and crushing strength (9510 psi).
Janka Hardness: 2820
All hardwood lumber is sold by the board foot. A minimum order of 100 board feet for online orders is required. All orders will be fulfilled with random length and width boards. Do you need custom sized boards? Please call 1-877-232-3915