Goncalo Alves

Goncalo Alves / Tigerwood

Tigerwood Lumber

Botanical Name: Astronium Fraxinifolium or Astronium Lecointei

Goncalo Alves aka Tigerwood is one of the most beautiful woods you can work with. You can find some truly exceptional pieces of upscale furniture fancy goods and decorative work featuring this exotic hardwood. It is excellent for turning.

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Description: Heartwood varies from dark rusty orange or reddish-brown in color. Richly mottled dark brown streaks and spots add to the wood's appeal. Irregular grain and interlocked with alternating layers of hard and soft wood. Medium texture.
Other Names: Tigerwood, Brazilian Koa, Zebrawood, Urunday-Para, Mura, Bois De Zebre, Chibatao, Guarita, Aderno
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Working with hard or power tools is difficult. Moderate to severe blunting effect on cutters. Reduced cutting angle is required due to hard and soft layers and irregular grain. Holds screws satisfactorily, but pre-drilling is required when using nails. Takes glue and finishes easily. A high natural polish can be easy to achieve.
Mechanical Properties: Great bending strength (19285 psi) and crushing strength (11020 psi). Not used in steam bending.
Janka Hardness: 1850

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