Bloodwood Lumber

Botanical Name: Brosimum rubescens

Bloodwood is an attractive exotic hardwood. You can allow it to age to a deep brown color, or you can apply a lacquer or water based finish to extends and preserve the wood's natural red color. Some common uses are cabinets, chairs, furniture, decorative inlay, marquetry work, and other fancy items.

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Description: Heartwood color ranges from gray-red to a deep rich red with a grain that is straight to variable. Texture is fine and smooth. This is a radiant wood especially with the appearance of variegated yellow and red stripes.
Other Names: Satine, Rubane, Cardinal Wood, Amapa rana, Pau rainha, Falso pao brasil, Conduru, Satinwood, Muirapiranga
Origin: South America
Working Properties: Works easily with hand and power tools. Although it holds screws wells, pre-drilling is advised when nailing. Holds screws well. Glues, stains and polishes to a very good finish. Use Gorilla Glue or epoxy glues for the best results.
Mechanical Properties: High bending and crushing strength with medium stiffness and shock resistance. Tends to splinter and has low steam bending characteristics.
Janka Hardness: 2900

All hardwood lumber is sold by the board foot. A minimum order of 100 board feet for online orders is required. All orders will be fulfilled with random length and width boards. Do you need custom sized boards? Please call 1-877-232-3915