White Oak

White Oak Lumber

White Oak Lumber

Botanical Name: Quercus Alba

You can find White Oak wood in an array of applications. From furniture, to cabinets, joinery, heavy construction, parquet and strip flooring. Many people enjoy that this North American domestic hardwood is practically waterproof and has great wear resistance.

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Description: Similar to European oak, the color ranges from light tan to pale yellow-brown with a pinkish tinge. Straight grained with a medium to coarse texture. Somewhat more figured than Red Oak due to longer rays.
Other Names: Oak, Appalachian Oak, Arizona Oak, Stave Oak, Mamecillo, Roble, Roble Amarillo, Cucharillo, Encino
Origin: North America
Working Properties: Pre-boring is advised when working with nails and screws. Takes stains well and polishes to a good finish. Gluing properties vary.
Mechanical Properties: Good bending (15200 psi) and crushing (7440 psi) strength.Because of its low stiffness, this is an excellent wood for steam bending.
Janka Hardness: 1360

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